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Kayaoğlu İnşaat
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Kayaoğlu İnşaat

We Construct Infrastructure and Superstructure Projects Expertly, Safely and Sustainablely.

Our company, which has been operating in the infrastructure and superstructure construction sector since 1992, provides services to important institutions such as the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, General Directorate of Highways, General Directorate of State Airport Operations, Metropolitan Municipalities and Governorships. We are known for the road and highway projects we have successfully completed both at home and abroad, especially in Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. The main goal of our company is to complete the works in accordance with the specifications, in high quality and on time. Having ISO and TSE quality certificates proves that we have completed our work successfully. Thanks to our experienced staff and modern equipment, we complete our work on time and safely. We aim to continuously improve our service quality by closely following technology with our young and dynamic structure.
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Kayaoğlu İnşaat is a well-established construction company with a wide range of activities.
The company specializes in various fields of the construction industry and has undertaken important projects.
Kayaoğlu İnşaat

Strengthen Your Infrastructure, Build Your Future!

Kayaoğlu İnşaat is a well-established construction company with a wide range of activities. It specializes in various infrastructure projects, from the construction of dams to control water resources to the production of modified bitumen used on roads, from highway construction to the establishment of irrigation systems. While it produces projects that strengthen the transportation infrastructure, from viaducts and bridges to airport construction, it produces many basic materials in the sector, from the production of aggregates to concrete and asphalt. Our company has a leading position in the sector with its many years of experience and quality service approach.
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Kayaoğlu İnşaat